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Azena expands on smart camera platform with new options

Azena expands on smart camera platform with new options

MUNICH – Video analytics and smart camera platform provider Azena has expanded on its offerings with new integration options and enhanced device and project management.

Enhanced integration means that Azena’s software can be more easily incorporated into users'  existing video management systems (VMS). That way system integrators can now add cameras with AI-enabled analytic functions with ease, giving them wider control over large groups of applications and smart devices running on the Azena Operating System.

“Systems integrators are tasked with providing highly customized solutions to their unique client base and, with our platform, apps from our store, and integration tools they can build these specialized solutions - everything from oil flare monitoring in the energy sector to patient fall detection in healthcare facilities,” said Vice President, Product for Azena, Madhav Varma. “These improvements to our platform will streamline the deployment and management of these solutions for integrators, saving time, labor costs and costly truck rolls.”

Azena’s growing application store has more than 100 unique apps for integrators to use with several features and analytics options like weapons detection, flood detection, tank level monitoring and more. This variety allows integrators to tailor services to clients needs no matter what the market for ease of use in alarm management.

Project management is also made easier thanks to enhancements made to the Azena smart camera platform. “The enhancements to the platform now offer a variety of options for deployment and maintenance, from fully remote connections to new support for installations that run on a completely closed network, such as critical infrastructure installations or remote sites with little to no internet connectivity,” Azena wrote in a release. “With new project management features, integrators can assign app licenses to specific customers or projects. Camera installations can be more easily segmented by customer, project and location, and access rights for specific users can be assigned and managed based on projects. This provides integrators with better oversight and control over their projects and digital twin data from their installations can also be used in other systems such as project management or building management software.”

Readers can learn more about the Azena smart camera platform and see the offerings available in their app store by visiting


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