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Bold executives launch new company White Rabbit Electronics

Bold executives launch new company White Rabbit Electronics New central station technology will power the connected home

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.—Bold Technology executives Rod Coles and Chuck Speck today announced that they've launched White Rabbit Electronics, a new company that enables a central station to deliver the “connected home.”

Bold CEO Coles told Security Systems News that he wanted “to create a system that could always be working for the user, without the user having to actually operate it.”

Bold Technologies is a provider of Manitou central station software and PSIM software. Manitou is implemented in approximately 650 central stations. White Rabbit will work exclusively with central stations using Bold's Manitou software.

White Rabbit will “deliver data directly into the Manitou automation system, populating the account and allowing for service connection without the need for direct sales or data entry. The technology embraces the DIY thrust, while still incorporating the value of the central station,” according to a prepared statement from Bold.

The product addresses two key industry problems, attrition and lack of growth in the residential market, according to Coles. The system promotes the connected home and adds value to it by linking home automation with a central station, he explained.

“[One of] the clever things that we've done is that the system is aware of who's in the house, and that means that it can make some really smart decisions. So, if nobody's there, then it can set the alarm. When you get back, it'll detect you approaching the house and it will disarm the system, and it knows that it's you,” Coles said.

Asked how this would be accomplished, Coles declined to elaborate. “The technology we've got is patented and until we are a little further along and have it on the market [we can't discuss it]. It is real and it is working, and I think that it is unique.”

“Just to give you a hint; the technologies we're working with—we're part of the Z-Wave Alliance, obviously it's a full Z-Wave product—it'll have Zigby, and we're also working with Elk to integrate their line of sensors with the product as well,” said Coles.

Coles said he plans to showcase the product at ISC West next year. “And then at ESX we'll be in production [and] taking orders.”

Coles said White Rabbit has been in “development mode” for a year. This initial White Rabbit product is the first step of Bold Technologies in expanding their revenue-generating portfolio.

Why the name White Rabbit? “We wanted something that was quite memorable and unique,” Speck told SSN. Coles elaborated, describing a desire to step away from current naming trends in the industry.

Bold Technologies is privately held with offices here, in Texas, and in Valencia, Spain. White Rabbit currently has six employees.


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