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Dragonfruit Frontier provides cost-effective, highly accurate LPR solution

Dragonfruit Frontier provides cost-effective, highly accurate LPR solution

MENLO Park, Calif.—Dragonfruit, Frontier, a new fully integrated VMS and video analytics solution, delivers a software-only License Plate Recognition (LPR) solution that employs advanced AI technology vs. traditional image processing.

Unlike conventional LPR analytics, Dragonfruit Frontier works with virtually any surveillance camera, eliminating the need for custom hardware and complex installations, which greatly reduces costs. Designed for fast and accurate identification, Dragonfruit Frontier’s advanced LPR analytics automatically detects and logs license plate numbers with the ability to categorize license plates by region and type to quickly narrow down vehicles of interest.

Comprehensive reports provide details on the occurrence of license plates of interest within the platform’s browser-based UI. Dragonfruit Frontier can also generate exportable reports in CSV format for ease of investigation and integration into other systems and processes.

Dragonfruit AI is the “industry’s first” massivelyscalable video AI platform, combining consumer-grade usability with enterprise-grade capability, the company noted, adding, “Our patented, award-winning technology delivers the most advanced AI analytics, deeply integrated with cloud video management. The cloud-native solution is designed for bandwidth-constrained environments, and powers instant-on advanced analytics priced by consumption. Our flexibility, customizability, and effortless deployment help companies seamlessly transform their video data into business intelligence.”


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