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End Users '20 under 40' 2017—Tyson Johnson

End Users '20 under 40' 2017—Tyson Johnson

Tyson Johnson, 34

Security systems project manager, Aurora Health Care


Tyson Johnson is responsible for security functions—including door access control projects and surveillance processes—throughout four hospitals in his specific region within Aurora Health Care.

“A big thing that we're working on right now is the upgrade from our old surveillance system into the new Genetec system, so we're working with different vendors � and manufacturers,” Johnson said; specifically, Aurora is working with Axis cameras and Convergint as an installer.

Johnson got involved in security through an interest in low-voltage systems. “I started off as a low-voltage technician for a local electrical company and got to work on a couple of cameras � that really got me excited,” Johnson said.

For a period of time, Johnson was involved in sales. The prospect of designing and planning a security system for Aurora is one aspect that drew Johnson to his current position, he said, describing it as “a total ownership of the system, instead of � like I had before, selling the equipment and walking away.”

In terms of new technologies, “I like focusing on cameras the most, and what I've been seeing with their thermal imaging and perimeter protection, also with the new PTZs � that [are] coming out,” Johnson said. Additionally he also highlighted “the idea of cross-line detection and also people counting, so we know how many people can come in and out of the building at a given time. Those types of reports that we can get from different algorithms � they're pretty impressive.”

Total, Aurora Health Care includes 15 hospitals, more than 150 clinics, more than 70 pharmacies and more than 33,000 caregivers.

Asked about the future of the industry, “I think a standardization in education is going to be coming up in the next few years,” Johnson predicted.


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