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Johnson Controls adds AI-driven face mask detection

Johnson Controls adds AI-driven face mask detection

MILWAUKEE—Johnson Controls recently announced exacqVision 20.09, which offers an integrated, cost-effective face mask detection solution that can quickly put information into the hands of facility decision makers to help maintain safe environments for employees and visitors.

Based on AI analytics versus pixel-based analytics, exacqVision 20.09 offers improved accuracy and a scalable, efficient solution for organizations where public health and safety is a priority such as retail stores, educational and healthcare campuses, and corporate offices.

With automated event notification features, it’s easy to monitor, link and search “No Mask” events, providing enhanced situational awareness to respond quickly with a person without a required face mask is detected. Ultimately, this allows businesses to be more proactive about reducing risks and ensuring compliance to new norms.

Additional features include:

  • More efficient and streamlined than placing employees at entrances to ensure compliance;
  • Alarms can be triggered based on the absence of a face mask;
  • Open camera support; and
  • Real-time even monitoring, linking and searching.


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