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KPMG joins forces with Vectra AI to reduce hybrid cloud cyber risk

KPMG joins forces with Vectra AI to reduce hybrid cloud cyber risk

YARMOUTH, Maine – KPMG Netherlands (KPMG) has partnered with AI security solutions company Vectra to bolster the AI-driven behavioral attack intelligence of KPMG’s cybersecurity services.

KPMG says Vectra gives clients 24/7 internal security monitoring in real time. That allows it to leverage Attack Signal Intelligence and AI-driven threat intelligence to provide clients high-fidelity alerts and actionable security detection. The company states that Vectra is part of their Effective Security Observability (ESO) proposition.

“The first step of this unique approach is to understand the business risks. Guiding principles and a proven security operating model make sure the Vectra platform is well integrated and delivers the expected outcome. We support our clients to be effective in detecting threats and mitigating risks, including cost reduction to maximize the business value,” explained Henrik Smit, director for the CyberOps team at KPMG. “In other words, KPMG integrates Vectra into security ecosystems to improve cyber resilience, protect against advanced threats and eliminate noise. In just a matter of days, our clients are able to achieve greater visibility, detection efficacy, and cut incident response times – as proven by KPMG red teaming exercises.”

KPMG says its partnership with Vectra is just the latest step in creating a center of excellence for security in the Netherlands. “As cybercriminals become stealthier and the attack surface widens, the mean time to detect a security incident has grown to 277 days," noted Willem Hendrickx, chief revenue officer at Vectra. "It's clear that organizations must act to improve visibility. By using AI to detect and investigate known and unknown threats in real time, Vectra empowers organizations to identify attacks at the earliest possible stage and stop them before they become breaches. So, we are delighted to become a part of KMPG’s security ecosystem, empowering organizations to close this gap and respond quickly to threats." 

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