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General News

How big data is affecting security

December 4, 2019Pierre Bourgeix

Since the late 20th century our world has faced a technological revolution mostly based on the transmission, use and classification of data. This movement was led in part by the establishment of the computer and later the intranet. With the birth of machine learning and transmission of data via an unsecured infrastructure, we gave rise to a playground for corruption, theft, fraud and every other acronym espoused by the bad actor.This understanding between good and bad has been playing out for the...

big data, ESICONVERGENT LLC., Pierre Bourgeix

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Monitoring Matters


April 3, 2019Ginger Hill

Confession: When I was a kid, I ate way too many cheeseburger Happy Meals and played countless hours with Ronald McDonald, that purple lad, Grimace, and the mysterious masked Hamburglar on the old-school playground of yesteryear at McDonalds. This trip down memory lane leads me to what “Mickey D's,” as I affectionally call the fast-food restaurant, is super-sizing on today — machine learning via the acquisition of Dynamic Yield, a Tel Aviv startup that provides algorithmically...

big data, Big Mac, customer experience, Digital Yield, geofencing, McDonald's, Ronald McDonald

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On The Editor's Desk

New tech holds the key to stopping cybercrime, study finds

February 12, 2019Paul Ragusa

You don't have to look too hard to find a sobering example of cybercrime, as it's as pervasive as ever these days, even on the national level with recent reports that cyber criminals have access to critical infrastructure such as our national power grids and gas lines. The good news, though, is technology may be our best weapon against these invisible criminals. In fact, the use of big data and blockchain technologies are key to fighting cybercrime, according to a new study from Frost & Sullivan...

big data, Blockcchain, Cybercrime, Cybersecurity, Frost and Sullivan, Machine Learning

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General News

News Poll: Data analytics has value in the industry

April 19, 2017Spencer Ives

YARMOUTH, Maine—Data analytics and big data are big topics in the industry, coming up at several industry events—but is there value in it? Eighty-nine percent of respondents to Security Systems News' recent poll say their companies are either using data analytics or considering it as an offering.When asked about key uses, 58 percent of respondents pointed to operational efficiency and business intelligence. Twenty-one percent said that gathered information could be helpful for predictive...

big data, Data Analytics, News Poll, Security Systems News (SSN)

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General News

First stop for biz intelligence? Retail security pros

February 9, 2015Amy Canfield

DELRAY BEACH, Fla.—Leveraging Big Data establishes retail security professionals as business enablers, according to four experts at TechSec2015. Jon Shimp, VP of asset protection for Louis Vuitton, Americas; Paul McGinley, LP director for U.S. Dollar Financial Corp.; and Brad Reeves, LP director for A&P, each said that their roles now extend beyond their titles. (Headshots included here are in this order, from top to bottom, ending with Bob Beliles.) It's about using security's...

2015, A&P, big data, Bob Beliles, Brad Reeves, Dollar Financial Corp., Jon Shimp, Louis Vuitton, Paul McGinley, TechSec Solutions

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On The Editor's Desk

Why managed access gets adopted, why it doesn't

January 7, 2015Martha Entwistle

Managed and hosted access control systems, or access control as a service "ACaaS" has been on the rise for some time now. IHS's Blake Kozak put out a research note today with some interesting ACaaS projections. From the report: "IHS estimates that newly installed hosted and managed access control doors represented about 3 percent of the total new readers and electronic locks installed in the Americas in 2013. A total of about 80,000 doors of ACaaS were added in the region in...

ACaaS, Access Control, big data, Blake Kozak, IHS

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On The Editor's Desk

Integrators: Making money on big security data

December 11, 2013Martha Entwistle

When I met with my TechSec advisory board this past summer to talk about TechSec 2014, one of the topics the group wanted to make sure we talked about was big data. We had an excellent primer on big data at TechSec 2013, thanks to Axis' Steve Surfaro and EMC's Patrick Snow. For this year's conference (Jan. 28-29 in Delray Beach, Fla.), we wanted to take a different tack. I"m really pleased with the idea we came up with. We've asked four leading integrators to discuss how they're helping their customers...

Aronson Security Group (ASG), avrio rms, big data, big security data, Chris Peckham, David Coleman, Don Zoufal, Kratos, nigel waterton, Open Innovation, Robert Locke, SDI., TechSec Solutions

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