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‘A groundbreaking leap forward’-i-PRO’s new X Series turns non-AI network cameras into AI cameras


'A groundbreaking leap forward' - i-PRO's new X Series turns non-AI network cameras into AI cameras

November 16, 2023SSN Staff

TOKYO – i-PRO, a provider of professional security solutions for surveillance and public safety, announced big news with its new line of artificial intelligence (AI) on-site learning cameras that turn non-AI network cameras into AI smart devices. The new X Series enables users to teach the camera about specific objects they want to monitor. With support for up to nine AI applications, i-PRO said it is the most powerful AI camera they’ve produced to date. “The X Series...

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Camera, i-PRO, Masato Nakao, Norio Hitsuishi, public safety, Smart Devices, Surveillance, surveillance cameras, X Series

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Latch announces Latch T and Latch Link devices

October 12, 2022SSN Staff

NEW YORK – Latch Inc. the maker of LatchOS, has introduced a pair of new products that provide new options for retrofit property operators. Latch T,a nd Latch Link allow owners of retrofit properties the ability to update their spaces with, “…unprecedented affordability and speed” Latch said in a release. The products can upgrade a customer’s existing buildings with a universal (and mobile first) access and intercom within a matter of minutes. Combined with...

intercom, Latch, Latch Link, Latch T, LatchOS, Luke Schoenfelder, Smart Devices

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Monitoring Matters

The Circle of Life

August 31, 2022Ken Showers, Managing Editor

Last week the CHIPS and Science Act was signed and meant to help jumpstart American efforts to supercharge our domestic semiconductor industry and reduce costs of labor while providing jobs to Americans. The answer to what this has to do with security, is everything. Cybersecurity, residential, industrial, national security, the whole shebang. It’s the circle of life. Not just security either, literally everything. You’d be hard pressed to find any product not tagged as a smart device...

CHIPS & Science Act, Cybersecurity, Semiconductor, Smart Devices, Taiwan

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Monitoring Matters

The smart toilet ... oh crap!

July 22, 2020Ginger Hill

The loo, bathroom, restroom, el bano, latrine, water closet, washroom, powder room, lavatory, outhouse, toilet, commode, throne, potty … whatever your special name is for this place, we all know others shouldn’t be “privy” to our private moments here. But, as technology advances and new “smart” apparatuses tempt the must-have-it-all-type of consumer, privacy wanes and cybercriminals find new ways into the more personal parts of people’s lives. Case in point,...

Antoinette King, Axis Communications, connected devices, cyber security, Smart Devices

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Monitoring Matters

The art of privacy

June 10, 2020Ginger Hill

The struggle is real in this COVID-19 world we’re all living in with so many uncertainties, concerns, distracted thinking, working from home … the list goes on and on. A huge concern that employers and employees must realize is that to enable continued, gainful employment and the ability to work from home, technology/hardware has to be protected from threat actors and processes have to be in place to fend off cyberattacks.  First, thinking must shift to that of protection,...

Coronavirus, COVID-19. COVID, COVID19, Cybersecurity, Mobile, Mobile Access, phishing, Smart Devices

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Integration of smart devices key to driving RMR growth

December 19, 2018SSN Staff

DALLAS—New research from Parks Associates shows the integration of smart home products will be key to drive new recurring monthly revenue (RMR) growth among security companies.Parks' “360 Deep Dive: Driving RMR Growth with Add-on Products & Services” notes the security industry has experienced flattening RMR growth as adoption of interactive services has exceeded 50 percent of security subscribers.“Today, over three quarters of new security subscribers have interactive services,...

interactive services, Parks Associates, RMR, Smart Devices, Tom Kerber

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