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Brivo Blue, new for dealers

Brivo Blue, new for dealers

BETHESDA, Md.—Brivo Systems has about 300 dealers, but it did not have a formal dealer program until recently. The cloud-based access control provider launched Brivo Blue at ISC West.

“The main thing is that it's a partnership. We're not dictating or demanding,” Lee Odess, Brivo's director of sales operations, told Security Systems News. “We'll reward dealers based on commitment and there's a real focus on market development.”

For committed dealers, Brivo will help “from a monetary side, for execution and support or in other strategic ways,” Odess said. For example, if a dealer “wants to go after the retrofit and remodel remarket, we'll work with you to put a program together.”

It's a three-level program: Silver, Gold and Brivo Blue. Brivo Blue dealers “are the most committed,” Silver dealers are likely new dealers, and Gold dealers “work with us but there are certain things they don't do on the commitment side,” Odess said.

Odess listed eight benefits for Brivo Blue dealers:

1) Market development funds—“Will be based on last year's sales.”

2) Lead sharing—“When we get contacted by end users, we'll connect them with our most committed dealers.”

3) Dealer council—“It's a place for idea sharing and a forum for beta testing and showcasing our tools. It'll be a platform for feedback, positive and negative.”

4) Online service—Co-branded with the dealer's name.

5) A&E specification—Includes dealer training and certification levels.

6) Search engine optimization—“We'll help dealers position themselves better in the market.”

7) Internal extranet—“It's like the forum, but it's an online feature.”

8) Award program—Based upon how closely the dealer works with Brivo instead of just “how much you purchase."


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