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End Users '20 under 40' 2015—Steven Ullom

End Users '20 under 40' 2015—Steven Ullom

Steven Ullom, 35

Director of investigations, Switch Ltd.

Las Vegas

When Steven Ullom was leaving the U.S. Marine Corps in 2005, he was initially looking to work in a fire department. A conversation with a friend led him to Switch, which operates several data centers in Nevada, called SUPERNAPs—NAP standing for network access point.

At Switch, Ullom oversees new hires, including their drug tests and background checks. He started this role around early August, leaving his role as the company's SUPERNAP 7 security director.

When it comes to security, budget isn't a large concern, according to Ullom. “With this company, we've never really had to worry about budget items, we are very blessed with what we have,” he said.

Switch currently uses Hummers and Jeeps for patrols around its facilities. Ullom said the company is looking to “go green,” by replacing some of these vehicles with Tesla electric cars. Switch recently acquired one Tesla and is looking to add five or six more, according to Ullom.

“We've been looking at [the] use of drones for surveying areas,” said Ullom.

Drones would assist in overseeing patrols as well as tracking the building construction of the company's new complex in Reno, he said.

Ullom said that Switch's biggest security challenge is “the person inside the building.” To combat this, he suggested getting to know customers and understand their “daily demeanor” to best know when a customer is acting suspiciously.

Depending on which of Switch's facilities, there could be between 20 and more than 200 visitors in a day.


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