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Vintra showcases next generation of AI video analytics at GSX

Vintra showcases next generation of AI video analytics at GSX

GSX showcase: Vintra and the new science of video analytics

ATLANTA, GA – Vintra Inc., a provider of AI-powered video analytics solutions, was on the floor at GSX earlier this month showcasing its next generation of tech.

Vintra is taking the science of video analytics to the next level by correlating data from its algorithms to deliver a higher level of analysis, classification, forensics, and tracking in event detection. “Vintra is ushering in a new era of video analytics with unique and innovative solutions that deliver even higher levels of automated situational awareness and detailed forensics than previously possible,” said CEO and Co-founder of Vintra, Brent Boekestein. “GSX is the perfect background for us to demonstrate and discuss these exciting new advancements that will greatly enhance longstanding security issues and deliver new and exciting sources of business intelligence.”

Among the solutions that were featured at the show were Live Re-ID, Vintra IQ, Vintra Bi, and Vintra Fortify which the company describes as, “a purpose-built video intelligence solution that automatically detects events of interest in real time to issue immediate alerts and indexes recorded video streams for rapid post-event investigations. The innovative video analytics solution makes any fixed or mobile security camera smarter, effectively leveraging users’ investment in pre-existing video systems”.

Vintra Fortify is also now able to integrate with longtime VMS platform Milestone XProtect that will allow users to add Vintra’s AI-powered video analytics to fixed or mobile camera, and storied video within Milestone XProtect's 500,000 installations worldwide.

“One of our fundamental objectives is to improve the information and insights that organizations can derive from their surveillance systems, effectively transforming them from reactive to proactive solutions,” said Boekestein. “Beyond the Fortune 10 company, a top-50 bank, numerous U.S. government and law enforcement agencies, and others that we share as customers, this partnership provides hundreds of thousands of Milestone users with an easy and convenient on-ramp to sophisticated analytics without a significant investment or need to rip and replace existing cameras or systems.”

Those users have access to those features and solutions from Vintra with just one click thanks to a plugin within the XProtect tab in the user interface. By importing cameras automatically from that platform users can apply Vintra’s video analytics in real time. “Through this integration, Milestone XProtect users now have access to many key features of Vintra Fortify. Re-ID utilizes a face, body or vehicle reference image, re-

identifies that object across multiple cameras to quickly provide security teams with a heightened level of situational awareness regarding a potential issue.” Vintra wrote.

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