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Monitoring Matters

Left to One’s Safe Devices

April 28, 2021Cory Harris, Editor

I’m sitting in my kitchen typing this blog on my laptop, while I respond to emails and texts on my cellphone. My kids are on their PCs for their sixth-grade Google meets, while watching TikTok videos and playing online video games (which they shouldn’t be doing during remote learning, but it works for the premise of this blog). The use of multiple devices simultaneously is a scene at the Harris household that has been a routine occurrence for more than a year now. Millions of other...

connected devices, COVID-19, Cybersecurity, IoT devices

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Monitoring Matters

Americans' trust issues, or lack thereof, with IoT devices and other security-related issues

May 1, 2019Ginger Hill

The last blog I wrote, “What your connected smart home IoT devices are really doing,” highlighted the fact that there are no security standards for IoT manufacturers to follow when creating networked devices. This should cause concern or at least pause for people using such devices, especially in their homes. But, just how aware are consumers about potential risks and do people actually trust the devices they use every day? ASecureLife conducted a survey of 300 Americans nationwide...

Alexa, ASecureLife, Connected Home, cyber security, IoT, IoT devices, smart home

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