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Central station transformation

July 15, 2015Martha Entwistle

DELRAY BEACH, Fla.—The Internet of Things culture, where everything is connected, is changing the way people interact and the way business is transacted. It's also changing the central station landscape, pushing centrals into a new world where they are being asked to monitor more devices and to provide a variety of information to customers, instantly and around the clock.To keep up with this demand, central monitoring stations need to become more sophisticated. This requires significant investment...

Brett Springall, Don Childers, Morgan Hertel, Rapid Response, Security Central, Smoky Mountain Systems, TechSec 2015

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General News

PSIM—Just another four-letter word

June 15, 2015Martha Entwistle

DELRAY BEACH, Fla.—Jim Henry of systems integrator Kratos PSS described "physical security information management"—PSIM—as a term that has confounded and bamboozled the security industry for 10 years.“It's a four-letter word that belongs with other four-letter words,” he said, laughing. However, a TechSec 2015 educational session shed light on the term's meaning and how integrators should approach PSIM sales, according to Henry, who called the discussion “the best...

A&Es, Benjamin Butchko, Bob Banerjee, Butchko Inc, Jim Henry, KapLogic, Kratos, NICE Systems, president, PSIM, Ray Coulombe, Richard Beard, Rob Hile,, SureView Systems, TechSec 2015

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Proprietary vs. open systems: Open is preferred, but it's harder to sell

March 25, 2015Martha Entwistle

DELRAY BEACH, Fla.—The debate over open systems versus proprietary systems is usually not a debate in the physical security industry. Open systems are generally thought of as better. Integrators want them, end users demand them and manufacturers are making them, right?At least that's the claim made by many manufacturers' marketing departments.And that's the reason standards bodies are working hard to make security systems components more easily compatible.In the field, the reality is different....

Ben Butchko, Butchko Inc, Chris Peckham, Contava, David Sime, Joe Grillo, Kratos/HBE, open systems, proprietary systems, TechSec 2015, Vanderbilt Industries

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20 Under 40

'20 under 40' integrators panel

February 25, 2015Martha Entwistle

DELRAY BEACH, Fla.—Cybersecurity, working with IT and the rewards of working in the security industry were topics touched on during the “20 under 40” Integrators' Perspective educational session at TechSec 2015, which took place here Feb. 3-4.Four members of the “20 under 40” integrators Class of 2014 participated in the discussion: Sarah Jennings, COO, QuickPass; David Sime, VP of engineering and delivery, CONTAVA; Jim Lash, director of advanced IT installation, Diebold;...

CONTAVA. Jim Lash, David Sime, Diebold, NFC, PSIM, Quickpass, Sarah Jennings, Security Systems News, Sharon Shaw, tech systems, TechSec 2015

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General News

First stop for biz intelligence? Retail security pros

February 9, 2015Amy Canfield

DELRAY BEACH, Fla.—Leveraging Big Data establishes retail security professionals as business enablers, according to four experts at TechSec2015.Jon Shimp, VP of asset protection for Louis Vuitton, Americas; Paul McGinley, LP director for U.S. Dollar Financial Corp.; and Brad Reeves, LP director for A&P, each said that their roles now extend beyond their titles. (Headshots included here are in this order, from top to bottom, ending with Bob Beliles.)It's about using security's data to build...

A&P, big data, Bob Beliles, Brad Reeves, Jon Shimp, Louis Vuitton, Paul McGinley, TechSec 2015, Tyco, U.S. Dollar Financial Corp.

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General News

In emergency management, be ready to 'roll with the punches'

February 6, 2015Amy Canfield

DELRAY BEACH, Fla.—Working in emergency management means “rolling with the punches” and having successful communication plans in place, says the director of security and emergency management for the renowned Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.Rolling with the punches certainly came into play last month for Ralph Nerette, who was the featured second-day opening speaker at TechSec 2015, held here Feb. 3-4.In a period of seven days, Nerette was faced with the security fallout from...

Brigham and Women�s Hospital, Dana Farber, Ralph Nerette, Rob Hile, Security Systems News, SureView Systems, TechSec 2015

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General News

Google's Brian Katz advocates diverse staff, bottom-to-top security buy-in

February 4, 2015Amy Canfield

DELRAY BEACH, Fla.— Security professionals are working today in an exciting time, a time of a “new paradigm” where security is evolving faster than ever as an integral part of the company culture and not merely a separate program, according to a top manager for Google.That new paradigm means building teams with diverse, complementary backgrounds to make security the best it can be.It also includes deciding if security wants to be “feared, revered or irrelevant” and taking...

Brian Katz, Google, Security Systems News, TechSec 2015

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On The Editor's Desk

TechSec 2015, Day 1 in photos

February 4, 2015Martha Entwistle

TechSec 2015 is in full swing today. The security industy's leading conference about new and emerging technology kicked off yesterday, Feb. 3 with a keynote speech by Google's Brian Katz. Click here to read that story. Below are some photos from the day. From the top: "20 under 40" integrators Class of 2014 winners were honored at TechSec. "20 under 40" end users Class of 2014 winners were also honored at TechSec. TechSec attendees show support for Mission 500's #Show Orange campaign. Read about...

TechSec 2015

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