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Antoinette King


Network-centric U.S. military systems and the rise of CMMC

August 28, 2020Antoinette King

The digital revolution has enhanced military capabilities in so many positive ways. In the U.S., this is referred to as a Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA) (Stiennon, 2015). Reconnaissance through unmanned aerial and marine vessels; the use of GPS to refine target coordinates; and digital communications are just some examples of systems that have been enhanced to provide the military with enhanced capabilities resulting in a reduction of casualties and improved efficiency. However, with this...

AI, artificial intelligence, Cybersecurity, encryption, Internet of things, IoT, NIST

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Also Noted

Senate passes of Bipartisan DIGIT Act

January 14, 2020SSN Staff

WASHINGTON.—The U.S. Senate recently passed the Developing and Growing the Internet of Things (DIGIT) Act, which calls for the creation of a working group of federal entities and experts from the private and academic sectors tasked with providing recommendations to Congress on how to facilitate the growth of connected IoT technologies. This bipartisan bill, which unanimously passed the Senate in the 115th Congress and was reintroduced in May 2019 by U.S. Sens. Deb Fischer (R-Neb.), Brian Schatz...

DIGIT Act, Internet of things, IoT, Security Industry Association (SIA)

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Home security and entertainment is converging

October 29, 2019Bill Hensley

With the ever-increasing access to smart technologies, consumers are expecting more than ever from them. This of course includes home security; homeowners expect an easy-to-use and reliable security system - one that tells them when the kids are home and when the package has been delivered. After all, what homeowners want is “peace of mind” and when elements like door locks and security systems connect together this is easier to achieve. Homeowners are now expecting their security systems...

audio visual, AV, Bill Hensley, Internet of things, IoT, Nortek Security & Control, Nortek Security and Control, smart home, Smart home automation

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General News

State of the access control market, part I

August 20, 2019Ginger Hill

YARMOUTH, Maine—The concept of access control is simple — to allow or restrict people, animals or things from gaining access to a particular space. At its core is some type of lock, mechanical or electronic, that must be breached legitimately, accidentally or forcefully to gain access. Once access is gained, the results can be advantageous, detrimental or even a combination of both. Although simple to define, the complexity lies in formulating the best access control plan using the...

access control, Access Control Technologies, ACRE, Allegion, Brivo, Cloud, cloud based access control, Cybersecurity, HID Global, Internet of things, Joe Grillo, Kwikset, Nick English, Rob Lydic, SouthCo, Stephen Carney, Steve Spatig, Steve Van Till, wireless locks

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Monitoring Matters

Guiding IoT manufacturers to safer, more secure and private horizons

July 10, 2019Ginger Hill

Featured in Time magazine's “Top 10 Public-Service Announcements,” the popular one from the 1960s, 70s and 80s went something like this: “It's 10pm — do you know where your children are?” Being the ripe age of 42, I vaguely remember the tail-end of this campaign where a celebrity or publicly known person — Joan Rivers, Jane Seymour, Darryl Strawberry, Paul Stanley, etc. —would appear on the TV screen at 10pm or 11pm, depending on location, and ask...

Cloud Security Alliance, GSMA, Internet of things, IoT, IoT Security Foundation, IoT Working Group, NIST, Open Web Application Security Project, OWASP

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Monitoring Matters

Why's everyone "trippin'" about IoT devices?

June 19, 2019Ginger Hill

According to, the somewhat “official” definition of “trippin'” means “when someone is overreacting or getting all 'bent out of shape' over something small.” And while most of the more popular IoT devices present themselves as a small physical footprint —for example, Google Home is only 3.79 inches in diameter, 5.62 inches in height and only 1.05 lbs. while on the other side of the ring, fighting for market share is the Amazon...

Alexa, Amazon, Amazon Echo, Barclays, encryption, Google Home, Internet of things, IoT, Zscaler

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Monitoring Matters

Congress introduces legislation to establish security standards for government devices

March 13, 2019Ginger Hill

Based on analyst firm Gartner's research, 20.4 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices will be deployed by 2020; that's more than double the world's population! Hackers tend to gravitate toward the weakest link in the security chain, and because more and more IoT devices have questionable defenses, they make easy targets. This has caused the U.S. government to take notice. To date, there is no national standard for IoT security, leaving it up to each company to decide how they want...

Cybersecurity, Internet of things, Internet of Things Cybersecurity Improvement Act, IoT

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Essence notes trends from 2016, makes predictions for 2017

January 24, 2017Spencer Ives

TEL AVIV, Israel—Smart home device provider Essence made some predictions about 2017's landscape for the Internet of Things.The company highlighted voice recognition, new business models, and enhanced user experience as positive trends in 2016. Essence also pointed out negative trends in the year, such as interconnectivity issues and cybersecurity problems.For 2017, Essence predicted that companies will begin to analyze data, such as energy consumption reports, into profitable information,...

Essence, Internet of things, IoT, Rafi Zauer

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Tyco invests in Qolsys

November 24, 2014Martha Entwistle

CORK, Ireland—Tyco International on Nov. 21 announced that it is making a strategic investment in Silicon Valley-based home automation solution provider Qolsys.Launched at ISC West in 2013, Qolsys is a relative newcomer to the security industry.“Qolsys has done some very interesting things,” David Grinstead, VP global sales for Tyco Security Products, told Security Systems News. He added that Tyco was drawn to Qolsys' “fresh, innovative approach to development.”Grinstead...

CTO, Daryl Fogal, Internet of things, investment, Qolsys, Tyco International, Tyco On

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General News

SSN News Poll: Readers debate central station of future

September 3, 2014Leif Kothe

YARMOUTH, Maine—Though central stations will always hang their hat on the value of their core monitoring service, their transformation into hubs of more than just alarm signals is well underway.There's no consensus yet on what the central station of the future will be, but most respondents (55 percent) to the latest SSN News Poll say central stations, given the Internet of Things movement, cannot be content with doing business as usual.Thirty-six percent of respondents, however, believe that...

Acadian Monitoring Services, ASAP to PSAP, Internet of things, physical security, SSN, UCC

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